Q: What got you into the beauty industry?

A: A few things got me into the hair industry. First my cousin, Lani, transitioning and confiding in me to make her feel feminine, and seeing how happy it made her, made me want to do that for other people!

Q: What other occupation would you choose if you weren’t a service provider?

A: Voice Actor or a Baker

Q: What’s your best hair advice?

A: The best hair advice I was give so far was ‘Your passion & dedication to your craft will take you farther than anything.”

Q: If you could only use one (Davines/Pureology) product for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

A: Lone Smoothing Perfector

Q: What are your favorite TV shows to binge watch?

A: One Piece is my favorite show in the world. It is about a group of pirates finding a lost treasure called the One Piece.

Q: What’s something fun about you that most people wouldn’t know.

A: For starters I’m a huge nerd. I love random facts, super heroes, comics, movies and all things 70’s & 80’s. I could talk about any of these for hours.

Q: Do you have a favorite motto/quote that you live by?

A: A quote you might often hear me say is, “If I forget, it probably wasn’t that important.”

Q: Do you have a guilty pleasure?

A: I love to sing and dance. I’m not the best dancer but anywhere, anytime I will sing and dance. I don’t care who is watching.

Q: If you would have dinner with any individual living or dead, who would it be?

A: I would probably have dinner with my cousin, Lani, to see her one last time and tell her all I’ve accomplished so far!