katreena alvarez stylist

Q: What got you into the hair industry?

A: I started cutting my Barbie’s hair (and doing a good job at it) – then my own. It just made sense. I started my hair career at Toni & Guy in 2007 right out of beauty school. it was the best experience! I took those cutting and styling skills to Alaska where I did tons of wedding styles – and now I’m happy with Rowdy, perfecting my favorite coloring techniques.

Q: What other occupation would you choose if you weren’t a hair stylist?

A: I would be a children’s book illustrator

Q: What is your best hair advice?

A: Just let it do its thing. Embrace it – just give it a little encouragement.

Q: If you could only use one (Bumble and bumble/Pureology) product for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

A: Shine Bright Taming Serum – Because of its versatility.

Q: What is something fun about you most people don’t know?

A: I’m a multimedia fine artist

Q: What would your last meal be?

A: Thia Food

Q: What is your go to song at karaoke?

A: We are the world

Q: Do you have a guilty pleasure?

A: Drinking pickle juice like a savage

Q: If you could have dinner with any individual living or dead who would it be?

A: Anthony Bourdain or Joseph Campbell

Q: If you had a warning label what would yours say?

A: Don’t get me started.