Looking to get shagged or maybe take some edge off? Who says it’s not okay to let loose every now and then? Rowdy Hair will rock you like a hairricane with the style and attitude you’ve always wanted.

After all, style + attitude = rowdy. It’s math.


Cut + Style: from $55
Men’s: from $40
Child’s (Under 10): from $30


Tint/Single Process: from $65
Full Highlight: from $105
Partial Highlight: from $85
Full Balayage: from $125
Partial Balayage: from $95
Ombre: from $95
Color Gloss/Toner: from $30
Color Correction: Consultation Required


Hair Smoothing: from $250
Perm: from $85


Hydrating: from $25
Strengthening: from $25


Wedding Upstyle: from $80
Upstyle: from $60
Blow Dry Style: from $40


Hair Extensions: Consultation Required

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