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Find Your Inner Hottie with Hair Extensions!

December 10th, 2013

It seems like we are always watching celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham and countless others regularly surprise the beauty world with new and different hairstyles. They are constantly changing the color, style, and length of their hair over the course of what seems like overnight! How do they do it? I know what you’re thinking…lots of money, and a talented hairstylist to tease, curl, style and fluff them up every day. Well, it’s true that does help. But we are beauticians, not magicians! And that’s why hair extensions are so popular – and not just in Hollywood! Girls (and guys!) around the world are now realizing that it IS possible to take your current tresses and elevate them to that next level of awesome.

What’s the latest trend in extensions? Tape! No Scotch or Duct tape here! These tape in extensions are made of 100% human hair. They can be used to add length, thickness or a pop of color at an extremely affordable price in about 45 minutes! There is a variety of natural shades to match nearly everyone’s hair color along with 7 fashion colors (blue, turquoise, violet, ruby red, rose red, pink and white) for those of you who really want to turn some heads and get Rowdy!Rowdy Hair Salon_Phoenix Hair Salon_extensions_3Tape extensions are 2 inch wide strips made from ultra light microfiber gauze with hair attached to it as well as an adhesive on one side. The stylist will sandwich a thin section of your own hair in between two extension pieces. Because the extension is actually stuck to another extension, it allows this sort of hair installation to last much longer and stay in place, even through shampooing, blow drying, ponytails and heat styling. The best part about these tape in extensions is that they are extremely flat to the head and durable; they conform well to the shape of the head so they’re so comfortable, lightweight, and extra-natural looking.Rowdy Hair Salon_Phoenix Hair Salon_extensions_2After about 4-8 weeks of wear, your stylist will use an adhesive dissolving spray to carefully and painlessly remove the extensions. The stylist will wash them, dry them and apply a new adhesive strip so your extensions can be put right back in without missing a beat! Sounds perfect, right?Rowdy Hair Salon_Phoenix Hair Salon_extensions_1

A lot of us have realized that our inner hottie has longer, thicker hair than we were actually graced with. But there are ways around this, and that’s why we love extensions! No chemicals, equipment or machines needed and a super easy and non-damaging way to add thickness, length, highlights, lowlights or bright colors to your hair in minutes? Yes, please!

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Written by Rowdy Stylist Lauren Elech


Celebrity Hair How To: Long Retro Waves

July 22nd, 2013

Long retro waves- everyone wants them, few know how to get them! You’ve seen celebrities like Megan Fox and Blake Lively modeling these luscious waves on the red carpet and we can’t blame you for wanting them too. We also can’t blame you for not knowing how to get them so today, we’ve got the inside scoop to help you create this glamorous style all on your own.

Rowdy Hair Salon_Phoenix Salon_long_retro_waves_celebrity hair_Megan Fox_A

How to get celebrity-worthy long retro waves using L’Oreal Professionnel products:

1. Shampoo hair with L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil shampoo and conditioner to clean and hydrate your hair (for the record, there are no words for how much we love the Mythic Oil products!).

2. Gently towel dry hair. Apply a nickel sized amount of L’Oreal’s Smoothing Velour all over your damp hair.

3. Comb hair out as you would normally.

Rowdy Hair Salon_Phoenix Salon_long_retro_waves_celebrity hair_Blake Lively

4. Spray L’Oreal’s Lift Extreme to roots of your hair to help create volume. Bonus: This product also adds luster which is a celebrity a hair must-have!

5. Completely blow dry your hair with a medium sized round brush. The combination of round brushing your hair with the heat from the dryer will create volume and shine. After the blow dry is complete, spray L’Oreal’s Infinium 2 hair spray onto your hair. This should be done BEFORE curling your hair. This is a light hold hair spray that provides heat protection.

Rowdy Hair Salon_Phoenix Salon_long_retro_waves_celebrity hair_Jessica Chastain

6. Curl your hair using a 1 inch barrel curling iron. Begin with the sections of your hair around the face. When curling this section, direct the curls to flow away from your face. Pin each curl up into a pin curl to allow curl to cool. Use a flat pin to avoid creasing your hair. Pin up each curl as you curl it. Pinning your hair into a pin curl provides the curl to cool and create a more bouncy curl. Move on to curling the rest of your hair directing each curl randomly. Pin up each curl as you go to let each curl cool.

7. Once your hair is completely curled and all curls have been pinned and cooled, remove pins and let your hair drop. Shake out your hair and hit the runway!

How to by: Rowdy Stylist Christina Harris